greeting from the management

We maintain Hamburg! This is because, with approximately 405.000 patients in the year, the Asklepios are Hamburg hospitals, the largest healthcare company in the Hanseatic city. Every second Hamburg hospital patient decides for us. In our seven clinics, we employ more than 2000 Doctors and therapists – and three Times as many nurses. The engine […]

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Planned maintenance: As our service plan

Service plan-day care is for me to sit for a day at the Computer and to distribute for the next month, 15 members evenly to 28 up to 31 days around the clock. I like that, times a day only PC-work, Figures, and tables. For my staff in the care of the service plan planning […]

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arrived Cared for in the clinic in Hamburg-Altona

After almost 15 years at a hospital in Bremen, I decided to take the “Bremer key”, to leave my usual environment, to open in Hamburg, “the gateway to the world”, a new door and a new career start. As I discovered the vacancy for the Position of care coordinator at Asklepios Klinik Altona, before it […]

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Together, laugh together

A well-functioning Team is the Basis for satisfaction. And this is important, especially in the stress of everyday life. Sometimes you have to make to the Horst, even when the Stress gets to you, to lift the mood again. The a Team: people who pull together, and not always with a dark, serious expression, on […]

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Guest post: Health and nurses not only in hospitals and nursing care facilities the most diverse fields of activity. Also in the case of humanitarian relief operations in crisis areas they are needed. Reported here Raina Klüppelberg, health and a nurse in the Cardiac function in the service of the Asklepios Klinik Altona, from your […]

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refugees in the hospital: Difficult understanding

Anyone who goes with open eyes through life, not around it comes to the question of her own opinion on refugee policy. People open I was raised. My mother was always with, when it came to the maintenance of contacts to all the neighbors. Multi-culturally, the neighborhood in which I grew up. Multi-cultural is also […]

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