Some children are forced by health reasons to communicate with doctors more than they would like.
And some of them dream, when they grow up, to become doctors if they are doctors. Yes that children!
Not all adults know that a nurse is a profession and a vocation.
By definition, the nurse is an assistant doctor. No one will argue here. However, an experienced skilled
nurse is a much more capacious concept than just an assistant. This is the second pair of hands, feet,
eyes, doctor’s ears.
A modern nurse is a demanded and prestigious profession. Despite all the discontent, falling on
medicine, in an emergency for the health of the case refer to the doctors. Even if it is not an ambulance
or doctor’s call to the house.
If you are a nurse, your profession imposes a responsibility on you. Sometimes people need help
immediately. And it is the nurse who finds herself at the right time, saves someone’s life.