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teaching English to nursing jobs, also the still!

Presence weekend in the framework of my studies, “vocational education for the health and care professions”. This week, it came out quite thick: the exam on Friday morning, then a weekend Seminar. My results of the last exams were not the way I wanted it. That’s why I learned extra much – and in the […]

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A human life under the hands of

I still remember very well my first resuscitation. I was on the staff of the intensive care unit and accompanied as a new and inexperienced colleague, the resuscitation team. The tasks of these Teams Farshid has written a great article. My heart slipped into my trousers, as the red resuscitation phone rang. On the geriatrics […]

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A decision with heart and mind

OF SINA KRÜGER We all know question the professional sense: What do I do after my graduation? What training is Right for me? And what will make me in the future happy? We don’t know the answers, and decide us for a way. I have informed me a long time about different professions. After many […]

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A training for all the nursing jobs

Who informed about a possible training in the care of the elderly, health and children’s nursing or health and patient care, in a Moment, in the Research on the generalist education in nursing. A new profession? Or what is that supposed to be? What is it about? Behind the generalist training of a new professional […]

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service planning: Sudoku for professionals

Care is almost always in the layer service. While I write these lines, working around the globe, an incredible number of nurses for their patients. 365 days in a year. 24 hours of the day. With me on the ward the morning passes just service to the late service. It is a continuous operation. An […]

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