Daily Archives: 2018-09-14

service planning: Sudoku for professionals

Care is almost always in the layer service. While I write these lines, working around the globe, an incredible number of nurses for their patients. 365 days in a year. 24 hours of the day. With me on the ward the morning passes just service to the late service. It is a continuous operation. An […]

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dealing with germs: Fully insulated

Before I decided for the training to be a nurse, I made a one-month internship in today’s Asklepios clinic Wandsbek, which belonged at that time to the country of operation hospitals. I was totally inexperienced, what happens in a hospital. Accordingly, I have experienced many things that I would not have expected. Also with a […]

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death – a brother of sleep

We all know it very exactly: every human life is death, inevitably, But how it looks, specifically, when patients die? What we feel, what we feel in such moments? As we try to integrate the fact of the finiteness of human existence in our work in the hospital? A little story from my night duty […]

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