Daily Archives: 2018-09-08

Dowsing, a science complementary medicine

The method of dowsing is not yet recognised as a medical science of our days, yet become more and more popular. Many patients seeking answers to their difficult disease to identify, look into a radiesthésiste for the benefit of his diagnosis. What dowsing can bring to medicine The practice of dowsing is far from unanimity […]

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The essential qualities for being a nurse

We differentiate between three main capitals for a job as a nurse : in the first place, be a person with a strong sense of the relational, there is the first condition. Other qualities are decisive : whether to organize. And finally, the know-how, regards for all the care techniques and request in addition to […]

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Protect their eyes from UV rays during the summer

Each year hundreds of holiday makers are victims of burns at the level of the eyes, due to lack of protection from the ultraviolet rays. To the sea or to the mountain, the risks are increased tenfold by the reflection of rays, it is important to learn to protect themselves before the time of departure. […]

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