Daily Archives: 2018-09-07

the best plants to stay healthy

Today, it has been able to prove the efficacy of several plants with virtues very beneficial for health. Anti-oxidant, hunger suppressant, or simply to aid digestion, prevent certain diseases or to recover energy, the consumption of the seeds of these plants, capsules, food supplements, herbal tea or oil will allow you to keep the shape. […]

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Osteopathy for the mother during and after pregnancy

To relieve the pain in the mother, when the most medicines and treatments are generally discouraged, there are techniques in complementary medicine : osteopathy for the mother enables to improve its comfort of life during these few months!!! Osteopathy during pregnancy The famous “pain pregnancy” are caused by the physical changes of the body, in […]

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natural ways to put an end to the odors of feet

A lot of people are affected by the bad smell of feet (bromhidrose). This can come from excessive sweating of the feet, the presence of fungi, a situation that is very stressful or disorders related to hormones or even the use of sports shoes or professional shoes. These odors, however, can be treated through various […]

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