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cost for a nursing home in Federal States comparison

Large differences in costs for a place in the old people’s home – Which state is the cheapest? The cost for a place in a retirement home, there are very large regional differences, although the quality in Germany at a fairly uniform level. Came to this conclusion a of mirror Online is created evaluation, which […]

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dogs in the care of the elderly: help or burden?

Animals have long been used in the care of the sick or the elderly. Particularly well known are the Dolphin-therapy, but also with the help of horses, cats or dogs, animal-assisted therapy has been practiced for many years. Just the best friend of man is suitable for this kind of work particularly well. We will […]

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the safe handling of The Rollator

All people have a desire to be up in the high age-independent and mobile. In addition to the own motor vehicle, in particular for the elderly public transport such as buses and trams have an important role. In the following guest post from care work, the safe handling with walkers is discussed. If the physical […]

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checklist Home care – you should pay attention to

Often a nursing case occurs literally overnight. Not infrequently, the members are not prepared to care for the situation at all. Because the least deal to healthy periods with the topic of disease or even care. The serious case occurs, however, you must act quickly, a lot of considered and decisions to be made. The […]

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